A Backwards ISBI

I’m sorry about the delay. I actually finished playing this post on the 21st October, whereby my laptop’s charging port broke. 2 weeks later it came back from repair only for me to discover a keyboard fault they had caused whilst in for repair. Another 2 weeks later and I finally get my precious back.

Anyway where did we leave off?
Victor came back from university with a degree and two pregnant lovers. One of whom was his teacher. Guess we all know how he passed his degree.

So we have parents Jasper and Jessica. Son Victor and his pregnant lovers Billie Jean Spark and Samantha Grey.
What could possibly go wrong…
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Welcome back to a simplified more streamlined normal family. Lets see how long this lasts.
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Victor 7. Preparing the heir.

Welcome back to the Bean’s and their ever decreasing household. This time around their are just the three boys at home with Jessica and Jasper. Our heir Victor; his twin Wilbur and youngest brother Xavier.
Previously Silas married Angel Bedlam, Truman married Bunny Curious, and Ulysses married Chase Bayless (who has great ears)
Just a short little update this time before Victor and Wilfred become Young Adults. Anyway on with the show.
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Welcome back to the Bean family. Minus the recently married Silas. Lets hope he and Angel Bedlam/Bean are happy together.
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Victor.5. Seal it with a kiss.

Hello and welcome back to the life of Bean.
Six teenagers in one house! Fun!
All the boys have two after school clubs. Drama because of the charisma skill and another randomly selected one, in case you were interested. Other than Victor they all have a job at the next door graveyard. Victor is a struggling writer.
Anyway lets get on with the show and see what is happening with them.
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Welcome back to the Bean’s. A house where nobody gets notifications about work or school, and they don’t register the carpool as arriving, and as soon as it hits the time of their work it says x hours to next work shift, instead of missing work. But glitches aside work is the name of the game.

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Welcome back to the Bean family.
Jasper and his wife Jessica with their six kids.
Silas, Truman, Ulysses
Wilfred, Victor, Xavier.

I like this whole family portrait at the beginning thing. It makes it easier to see the family resemblance. As you may guess from new ‘(old) habit this time takes us up to the birthdays of Victor and Wilfred.

So lets see what they are all up to.

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