A Backwards ISBI

It’s still winter in Sunset Valley. It just seems to drag on forever. The ponds all being frozen will delay Rhesus catching his 13 perfect fish.

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Welcome back to to a snow covered Sunset Valley.

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Welcome back to the family.
Our patriarch Victor, lives with his ex-wife/ex step mother Billie-Jean, His current wife; Sabine, and their five sons; Neoptolemus, Orestes, Pegasus, Qeresia, Rhesus (our heir).

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Welcome to a rainy summer in Sunset Valley. Suits our rainy/snowy spring here in England.

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Welcome to summer in Adventureland/Sunset Valley. Where in the next seven days of their lives, nothing really much happens at all.

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Welcome to the mad house. Where I can only control our toddler heir Rhesus. His name always makes me think of blood but nevermind.

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Welcome back to the final (finally) part of Victor’s reign. Rhesus won the heir poll so when he becomes a toddler at the end of the episode. Anyway let’s see what they are getting up too.

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