A Backwards ISBI

Welcome to winter, and a host of screaming freezing babies.
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Welcome back to a wintery Sunset Valley, where I am finally getting good at updating. We’ll see how long that lasts. You’ll understand when you get to the end.
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Welcome to a pretty if misty military base in Sunset Valley. I suppose it is quite apt as it requires military precision to survive in this house.

Last time Wanasse became a child and the quads became toddlers.

So what are they all getting up to…
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Volus Bean 3. Screaming.

Welcome back to Sunset Valley.

Last time Joann had Mister Bean’s son. Followed by quads with Rhesus, after she divorced him for having three children with Josephine Coastal/Bean and Sean Parodi.

Plus Volus and Ugalegon celebrated their birthday.
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Welcome back to the Bean’s. Last time we moved to a clean Sunset Valley, with all the previous generations as per normal. Needless to say a lot of partner swapping occurred.

Anyway lets see what they are getting on with…
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Welcome back to the Bean’s. Work is crazy, and refusing to let me use my annual leave days, so the Sims is a welcome distraction, and surprisingly interesting again, now I’ve forced myself to start playing again.
We’re starting from scratch again. Wiped the whole family moved to a clean empty sunset Valley/Adventureland. To stop a mass birthing at the same time, or at least delay it, all the spares have random ages from toddler to teen, unless they are parents themselves.
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Welcome back to the Bean’s.
I took a long break from them and played Sims 2 for a long time. In fact the first half of the chapter ended on the 1st July, and then I restarted on the 21st September. Completely forgetting what had happened. Won’t this be a fun catch up.
So we have Billie Jean, her step-daughter in law Sabine, Sabine’s children Satyrs, Theseus and Rhesus (our heir) and his wife Joann.
Now lets settle down for a long ride of catching 13 perfect fish before Rhesus and Joann can have a baby to take the show.

Doesn’t Sunset Valley/Adventureland look pretty in the rain?
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